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“There is a college softball scholarship for every student athlete
who is willng to put in the effort to find it!”
Welcome to My Softball Scholarship!

My Softball Scholarship is a dynamic program that will help high school students to successfully navigate the process of transitioning from high school to college while earning a scholarship to play collegiate softball.

Whether you use the book alone (currently available on or barnes& or take the next step with Emily and Jeff with a customized personal consulting program (see Personal Consulting Tab), you will greatly increase your opportunities and likelihood of earning a position on a college softball team.

My Softball Scholarship will help address the following comments and questions that we have heard from many student athletes and their parents:
  • OK, so I am not a Division I player, but are there other options out there for me to play my sport in college?”
  • I can do this! I’m a good player! I’m willing to do the work. I just need to know how.”
  • I just need a little help from someone like Emily who’s been there, done that!”
  • During and after I read this book, is there somewhere I can go to get additional support?”
Please call or email Emily & Jeff to get started today!